Welcome to Casamance

Casamance is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the country. It is the tropical jewel of Senegal with its 86 km of white sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged beauty of its wide variety of landscapes. They speak Wolof and French, which is the second official language of Senegal.
Situated in the extreme south of the country, between Gambia and Guinea Bissau, Casamance hosts half of the 22 ethnic groups in Senegal and offers like no other syncretism of Islam, Christianity and Animism. Visit this region to discover places of worship and memory, culture, savannah, its beaches, its river, its islands and extraordinary birds.
Our 5 ***** boutique resort hotel is itself located on the waterfront, along the most idyllic beach town of Cap Skirring. This seaside resort is renowned for more than 40 years for its tropical climate and its beaches +/- 35 km long, fringed with coconut palms, which are universally recognized by all tourist guides for Senegal as the most beautiful in the country but also in the entire West Africa.

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