Emission télévisée « En Voyage » de Guy LEMAIRE (RTBF)

Découverte de la Casamance, côté fleuve, en remontant en bateau le Casamance, ou côté brousse et savane, en direction de la Pointe Saint-Georges et son observatoire.

Discover our 5 ***** Seaside Boutique Hotel

Our video about Les Alizés Beach Resort following its 4 key words and values: Luxury, Authenticity, Charm and Harmony. Enjoy.


Les Alizés Beach Resort in the show « Coûte que Coûte »

Belgian TV Show (RTL-TVI) presenting the fulfillment of the dream of Jean-Paul FONTAINE, General Manager of the 5 ***** Hotel Les Alizés Beach Resort in Senegal.

The journey of the "Belges du Bout du Monde" by Adrien JOVENEAU (RTBF)

Adrien JOVENEAU presents our Boutique Hotel and its wonderful region of Casamance in its show « Les Belges du Bout du Monde » from the belgian TV channel « RTBF ».

Our Hotel in the show "C'est du Belge" (RTBF)

Discover a « magical & idyllic location », a « small paradise » in Casamance, thanks to this show « C’est du Belge » of the TV channel « RTBF ».

Hotel "Les Alizés Beach Resort" in Cap Skirring, Senegal

Discover our 5 ***** Seaside Hotel through this amazing video and observe its lush garden, its luxury and the sweet african taste of life.

To invest in Sénégal, the "Success Story" of a Belgian in Casamance

Senegalese TV show (2sTV) on the investment in the tourism sector and on the construction of Les Alizés Beach Resort in Cap Skirring. Discover it now.

African proverbs

A little bit of humor with this video of African proverbs slightly daring! Relaxation and giggles guaranteed!